Moving and Christmas Do not Go Together

Remind me never to do that again.

Moving during Christmas season is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. Both projects take entirely too much time.

There aren’t a lot of people on my Christmas shopping list, but it still takes time to get out to the stores and find them exactly the treasures they desire from Claus. And once you have the gifts, they have to be wrapped. Then, of course, is the whole ritual of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with their feasts and movie specials and present opening.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, but I never realized how time-consuming it all is until I tried to pack up my life and get out of my apartment and into a new domicile by New Year. I dedicated a little time each day to this endeavor, packing incrementally so it would not be such a huge undertaking. I started moving from one place to the other three days before I had to be out, so it wouldn’t be a huge, last-minute ordeal.

I still just barely got out before 5.00pm on the 31st. No matter how much I got packed or moved, there was always more. And, by trying to accomplish both of these huge time-sucks at the same time, there was no time left for anything else.

Like working on my writing career.

I went almost completely dark on both the blog and my regular tweets. I had to stop writing my next book altogether despite budgeting time to get it done. I am still working on formatting State of Grace for print and “The Darkline Protocol” for mass e-distribution. I need to do some advertising, finish building a new website, and get back to writing to the next novel.

And I suppose I should also unpack.

This week is the closest thing to normal I’ve experienced in almost a month, and even that didn’t start until Wednesday when my girlfriend’s kids went back to school. I’m exhausted from this so-called “vacation time.”

So never again. I’m not giving up Christmas, and I’m sure I’ll move again before I’m dead, but I am NOT doing them at the same time. They are both too complicated all by themselves.

Hopefully, I’ll be back on a regular schedule by next week. Cuz it’s a brand new year, and I’ve got resolutions to fulfill.



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