New Short Story and STATE OF GRACE to Print

It’s Monday, and I have several exciting things to report about upcoming projects.

First, I’m pleased to announce my new short story, “The Coronation of King Charles III.” I’ll be releasing it through Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble on Wednesday in all the sundry e-formats. Here’s the promo copy:

Cover for "The Coronation of King Charles III"

Charles III is about to ascend the throne of Cotreur, and not everyone is happy about it. The prince plans to outlaw magic once he is king. It may make crops grow, help families have children, and cure the sick, but the conservative Scarlet Brotherhood believes that subverts the will of the gods. Worse, it is only practicable by women – a sure sign it comes from The Dark One – and witches are said to be able to steal a man’s will by bedding him.

But not everyone agrees with Charles’s interpretation, and Juliette has no desire to be put to death for practicing her art. She enlists the aid of Bishop Gerard to persuade the crown prince to alter his thinking. But when the bishop’s pleas fall on deaf ears, it may be time for more desperate action.

“The Coronation of King Charles III” is a short story by John R. Phythyon, Jr., author State of Grace, that examines the relationship between politics and religion and asks, “How far will you go to protect your beliefs?”

As you can see, I’ve included an advance look at the cover for the story. “Coronation” will sell for 99 cents.

I’ve also uploaded State of Grace to CreateSpace. Soon it will be available in print for those of you who prefer turning pages instead of swiping an e-reader screen. That will also enable me to have it sold in traditional book stores, as well as request a review from Publisher’s Weekly.

Also, Monday and Tuesday are the last days you can get State of Grace for 99 cents. On Wednesday, it goes back to $2.99. If you haven’t bought it yet and are thinking about it, buy it today so you can save a couple bucks! Once January ends, so does the sale.

Thanks to everyone for their support and for reading. I’m looking forward to a very big week!


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