The Little Things

Sometimes, it’s the little things that really make you happy.

I published State of Grace in November of last year. I always intended to get a print edition done too.

Then CreateSpace turned out to be much harder to use than it appeared. I mean really! I cut my professional teeth in desktop publishing. I ran my own publishing company, and I learned to use layout programs and Photoshop. I started working with offset lithography printers and transitioned to PoD ones. I jumped into the Brave New World of e-publishing with the considerable ease.

But I could not get CreateSpace’s interface to play nicely. I spent weeks battling it. Sometimes I got so frustrated, I’d take a week off at a time before summoning the courage to go back to it.

Finally, last week, I managed to get the manuscript through their electronic checker without creating any major issues. They warned me I still had some lo-res images that could pixelate in the printing process (which I could not understand, since I was saving everything at 300 dpi or larger), but otherwise the book was ready for review. So I held my breath and ordered a proof.

It arrived Monday. And damned if it wasn’t gorgeous! You can see how happy I am about that by checking out the photo to the left. The cover image looks sharp. My head shot on the back cover and the interior didn’t pixelate. Somehow, I defeated the machinations of the CreateSpace interface. It worked like it was supposed to instead of how it was claiming to.

And I was happy. Not just because I’d finally gotten the thing to work, but because there was my name in print. I felt every bit like a real author back in November when I released the electronic version of State of Grace. I believe in the eBook revolution.

But there is something powerful about holding a book with your name on the cover. It’s not less real, but it is somehow more . . . tangible. It was really neat holding that proof in my hands, feeling the bookiness of it.

Of course, it’s not ready for sale yet. I have to go through it and look for errors. There’s no guarantee typos haven’t slipped past or some other formatting issue not readily apparent to the naked eye hasn’t cropped up.

ButState of Gracewill be in print soon. I’ll be able to check off another item on my master plan to becoming a world-conquering author. Then I can laugh maniacally before proceeding to the next step: figuring out how to increase the book’s sales.

See? It’s the little things.


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