Proof You Need an Editor

If you need proof you need an editor, just take a look at my last blog post.

I found three typos when I read it this morning. I do not understand how this is possible.

After writing it yesterday, I proofed it and found several typos and other issues that needed correcting. I made the appropriate changes. Everything looked tip-top.

But there were apparently three errors I missed. It’s perhaps interesting that I note in that entry that I used to work as an editor.


I do not understand the science of this. If you read carefully, and you’re an experienced editor, how do you not catch these things? While we’re on the subject, why is it easier to see errors in print than on a computer screen? And why is it easy to spot errors after you’ve clicked, “Publish,” but not before?

I don’t know why this is; I only know that it is. No one can effectively edit themselves.

So if you’re playing the self-publishing game, do yourself a favor — get an editor. Pay for a good one. It makes a difference. Because if a guy who used to get a paycheck to catch errors in manuscripts can’t see three in a 650-blog (despite catching numerous others), it’s a good bet you’ll miss a few of your own.

Hopefully, when I read this blog tomorrow morning, I won’t find any typos.


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