Finding Interviews for your Novel

I really should have done things a little differently. I’m getting interviews now, which is good. The latest went up on Friday. Check out the link below.

But I should have arranged all this first. I read about getting a blog tour together, but I had no idea how to do it. So I went ahead and published and then tried to build my platform. It’s working, but I bet I would have experienced better sales initially if I’d found some author blogs first.

In case you’re in my boat, and you don’t know where or how to get started, here’s a few places to look.

  • Facebook Groups: You should be on Facebook anyway, and, if you’re serious about being an author, you should have a dedicated fan page for all your writing news. But there are some communities that can help. “The First 5 Chapters” is a group dedicated to promoting indie authors. Membership is open. Go to the group’s page and click the button to request to join. Once you’re on, you can leave a comment asking for info on bloggers seeking interview subjects. Book bloggers are always looking for content.

    “Authors’ Critique Group” is a similar group you can use to promote your work and seek help. Its primary purpose is to seek beta readers and others to critique your work. It’s a useful group you can join just like with First 5 Chapters.

  • Book Blogs:Google is your friend. Do a search for book blogs in your genre. Many of them are run by individuals who just love books in the given genre and like interacting with authors. Check out their blogs to see if they interview or host giveaways. After you’ve familiarized yourself with their blog, you can try contacting them, but make sure they are taking submissions.
  • World Literary Cafe: The WLC has an author interview program, forums, and a number of other ways to connect with readers and promote your book. Some of the programs are paid, but they are incredibly reasonably priced.

Remember you need to plan ahead. There are a lot of authors seeking exposure, and many bloggers have booked themselves weeks to months in advance.

Check out my interviews at the locations below. Every one of these bloggers is interested in writers from all genres.

My interview with Cecilia Robert:

With Michele Fogle:

And with Maureen Hovermale of the World Literary Cafe:

Know of a good place to find bloggers who’ll interview or schedule guest blogs? Leave a comment below!


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