STATE OF GRACE to be part of WLC’s Read & Review Program

I’m pleased to announce State of Grace will be featured this month in World Literary Cafe’s Read & Review program. The book will be featured the third week of June (17th through the 23rd) on the website, and readers will be encouraged to read it and review it.

You can get involved too. Now’s the perfect time to pick up State of Grace. The eBook edition is on sale for 99 cents at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Get it cheaply and read it now. Then, during the promotion, you can write a review over on WLC’s site in their reader forums. And, of course, if you wanted to cross-post that review to Amazon and Goodreads that would be extremely helpful as well.

Speaking of reviews, WLC is always looking for good reviewers. If you enjoy reading and don’t mind taking a few extra minutes to write up your thoughts on a book, you should check out their review and blogger teams. It’s a great way to find new titles and authors, and there might even be free books involved (check with them to see).

Reviews are the lifeblood of books in the Brave New World of e-publishing. You can help get authors (like me!) sales by taking a few extra minutes to write a paragraph or three on what you liked about your latest read.

Below are the links to State of Grace in the three major online eBook retailers. Remember, the eBook version is only 99 cents! Now is the perfect time to pick it up, give it a read, and write a review.


Wolf Dasher’s mission is simple: find out who murdered his friend and colleague in Urland’s Shadow Service while she was on assignment in the elf nation of Alfar. But Wolf soon learns that, in the magical land of elves, nothing is easy. The once-lush country is now decaying, torn apart by a religious schism that spawned a civil war and daily acts of terrorism. A simple murder investigation leads Wolf into an intricate web of assassination, betrayal, and zealotry. He’ll need all of his skill and Shadow magic to defeat a psychotic killer, a bloodthirsty general, and an arrogant ambassador with visions of grandeur. Failure means a devastating act of terrorism that will kill thousands of elves, topple Alfar’s government, and change the balance of power in the world forever.

State of Grace is the first book in a series of fantasy-thriller mash-up novels that blends magic, super spies, and politics in an electrifying brew of action and adventure. From the chilling opening scene to the pulse-pounding climax, State of Grace takes the best elements of an espionage thriller and a court intrigue and weaves them into a world both familiar and fantastic.


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