Welcome back. Notice anything different?

If you’ve visited “Pleading the Phyth” before, you’ve no doubt realized I’ve overhauled things here. My internet presence has been woefully decentralized and inconsistent. Now, my main web operations are in a single place.

I started the blog before I decided to become an independent author. Thus, the previous version of “Pleading the Phyth” wasn’t really designed to support my publishing efforts. It was a blog about the things I wanted to write about, which included my indie writing career.

Meanwhile, I had a website that may as well have been in a coma. It had links to direct people to the blog and my books’ pages in the online web stores, but it looked awful and didn’t do much to market me.

I’ve brought the website functions here, with multiple pages to brand me better. In fact, the new look of my blog, er, website, is all about branding. First, all of the pages are aimed at delivering the message of who I am as an indie author. The “Wolf Dasher Series” features descriptions of the novels and the free short story and links to buy them. “Other Fiction” does the same for my stories that are not in the Wolf Dasher line. My “About John” page is now aimed at my authorial career instead of as a blogger. And the “Indie Spotlight” page is my attempt not only to brand myself as a proud independent publisher but also to give a little back to the indie community.

But the biggest change is in the blog itself. When I established “Pleading the Phyth” I was deliberately trying to be eclectic in my subject matter. I wrote about football, writing, my family, current events, and anything else that struck my fancy. As of today, I’m changing its focus. “Pleading the Phyth” will now deal exclusively with my journey as an indie author. I’ll write about my books, my experiences publishing, writing, and other aspects of my career as John Phythyon, Author. As much as I like blogging about the antics of the kids or my view of Kansas politics, this is no longer the right space for that. This blog is about writing, publishing, and my books.

I can’t resist blogging about my beloved Cincinnati Bengals, though. I have a lot of opinions about them, I like to share, and I’ve always sort of wished to be sports commentator.

But, again, this isn’t the right place for it, so I’ll be creating a second blog I’ll link from this one called “The Who Dey Herald.” My plan is to blog Mondays, especially during the season when there will be Sunday’s game to comment on. I’ve made my Bengals fandom a part of my brand, so I wanted to be able to keep that going without detracting from the purpose of this site. There’ll be an announcement here when that goes live.

I’ve still got some things to finish on the new-look pages. I want to create subpages for the Wolf Dasher series that will give background on the major characters, detail the history of the world, and, eventually, a map. And I’m still working on getting cover images for the books featured on the Indie Spotlight.

But I’m pretty pleased. A lot work (and a lot more planning) have gone into unifying my online presence. Once I get everything tuned up, I think it’s going to improve my career a lot.

So take a look around. Do some exploring, and leave a comment to tell me what you think of the new site.

Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to communicating with you in a more efficient way.


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