“Sleeping Beauty” Now Available

I’m very excited to announce the release of my latest short story, “Sleeping Beauty.” It went live yesterday on Amazon.com.

“Sleeping Beauty” available now through Amazon.com’s Kindle Direct Publishing!

A reimagining of the classic fairytale, “Sleeping Beauty” tells the story of Beth Shipman. Her mother Marie is obsessed with her winning preteen beauty pageants. Her father Rex fears her maturing into a woman. And poor, dopey Carl is hopelessly in love with her. Convinced if he doesn’t do something Beth will fall prey to the desires of teenage boys, Rex tracks down a spell that will put her to sleep until she is awakened by True Love’s First Kiss. Certain he has secured her virtue until marriage, he is content with his actions.

But Marie isn’t. She wants her Pretty Princess back, and she has a plan. She knows Carl loves Beth. He might just be the one who can break the curse. But it won’t be easy. She’ll have to convince Carl she isn’t crazy. He’ll have to find the courage to act on his feelings. And Marie will have to make sure Rex can’t stop them.

“Sleeping Beauty” is an 8000-word short story about the dangers of obsession and overprotective parents. A cautionary tale, it reminds us to ask our daughters who they want to be rather than putting them on pedestals of purity and perfection.

“Sleeping Beauty” is the first story I am releasing Amazon’s KDP Select. It’ll therefore be available exclusively for the Kindle for 90 days. It’ll also be available in Amazon’s Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

Click here to get your copy!


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