STATE OF GRACE among Four-star Reads in First 5 Chapters, Vol. 4

The neat thing about being an indie author is the level of camaraderie with fellow writers. In one respect, we’re all competitors, since we’re trying to get readers to buy our books. But most of us realize it just doesn’t work like that. Readers, especially voracious readers, are constantly in need of new material, and even if you’re an incredibly gifted writer, you can only pen so many stories a week, month, or year.

Thus, it’s in no way a threat to one author’s career to recommend books by another. Many of us instead look for opportunities to help each other out. Partly it’s out of a sense of altruism and the aforementioned camaraderie. Partly it’s enlightened self-interest. If we share readers, we find more for our own books too.

Patti Roberts, author of the “Paradox” series of fantasy novels understands this idea very well and came up with a nice idea for executing it. “The First 5 Chapters” series is a partnership with other authors to collect the first five chapters of six different novels into a single volume. The idea is for a reader to be able to get the book  and then get a taste of six different novels by indie authors he or she might like to read.

I’m pleased to announce State of Grace is featured in Volume 4, which is dedicated to sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal books.

I haven’t read any of the other books in the volume yet, so I can’t make any personal recommendations. But three of them — Linked by Hope Welsh, Seven Point Eight by Marie Harbon, and The Void by John Abramowitz are averaging four stars on customer reviews at Amazon. Another, The Draculata Nest (A Red Wolf Novel) by John Hundley is getting a 4.6-star average. I couldn’t find the sixth book, Deathwish by Danielle Blanchard, on Amazon or Smashwords. But, since every other book in this volume (including State of Grace) is getting four stars or better, there are some quality reads waiting within its covers.

You can get The First 5 Chapters, Volume 4 from by clicking here. Have a look and see if there isn’t a new author (including me!) you’d like to read.


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