Writers Write

The first truism a writer needs to understand is “writers write.”

Sounds simplistic and meaningless, right? Well, not when you think about it in terms of career development. If you want to be a writer you have to write.

There are countless things indepedent authors have to do. We have to market ourselves and our books, update our websites, blog, design or approve covers, find an editor, work well with him or her, chase down reviews, and tons of other equally important tasks.

But, we have to write. We’ve got to crank out the words, constantly putting a new piece into the hard drive for later editing, rewriting, and, hopefully, publication.

That means never really resting. Red Dragon Five is currently in my editor’s hands. When she’s through with it, I’ll need to sit down for another rewrite. But, in the mean time, I need to be working on another project.

My business plan calls for me to expand my catalog. One book sells another, and, in the competitive world of indie e-publishing, I need to make sure anyone who enjoys my work can find something else by me to read.

So today I started a new book. While Red Dragon Five is getting its preliminary edits, I’ll be working on another novel. This one’s not in the Wolf Dasher series. Oh, I plan to write several more Wolf Dasher books after Red Dragon Five, but, for the moment, I’m working on something different.

When RD5 comes back to me, I’ll stop working on the new book and rewrite Red Dragon Five again. Then, when I send it back to the editor, I’ll return to the new project.

Writers write, and I’ve taken a few weeks to refresh my brain and plot the new book. Now it’s time to get back to the writing part.

So what’s this new book all about? Like my other pieces, it’s a fantasy novel. It’s a reworking of a very early project (so early, one of the original drafts was written on an Apple IIc with “Bank Street Writer”). The book’s title is Calibot’s Revenge, and I’ll blog more about it later this week. In the meantime, I’ve got some writing to do.

After all, writers write.


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