“Sleeping Beauty” to be Free and How You Can Help

“Sleeping Beauty” has been doing well of late. A spike in sales a few weeks ago made me happy. I was even happier when it received three four-star reviews. (Read them here.)

My creepy reimagining of the classic fairytale seems to be gaining a little momentum, which makes now a perfect time to take advantage of KDP Select’s free program. Every 90 days a book is enrolled in KDP Select (meaning the eBook version is available exclusively through Amazon), the publisher can choose five days to offer it for free. Amazon helps promote this event.

Next week, I’ll be giving this a try. Tuesday, September 18 and Wednesday, September 19, you can download “Sleeping Beauty” for free. That’s right. I’m offering the whole story for nothing for those two days.

There are several advantages. The idea is to bump up the number of downloads the story gets, thereby moving it up the Amazon sales charts and improving its visibility in Amazon searches. Whenever a customer buys a book (or even examines one on the online retailer’s site), Amazon makes suggestions based on the customer’s likes and other purchases in the same category. The more sales a book garners — at any price, including free — the more likely it is to show up as one of those suggestions. That, in turn, may cause more people to buy.

So, here’s how you can help. First and foremost, get yourself a copy of “Sleeping Beauty.” Buy it now (it’s only 99 cents) or wait for the free days next week. After you’ve read it (it’s a short story, so it won’t take you very long), do three things:

  • Click the “like” button on its page in the Amazon store. The more likes it has the more it will show up and the better it will look to potential customers.
  • Tag it. At the bottom of the page in the Amazon store, you can assign tags to “Sleeping Beauty.” Click as many as you think apply. This sort of thing helps Amazon choose what other books to list it with in the suggestions section.
  • Write a review. Written reviews only have to be 20 words. You don’t have to be a book critic. Just write a few words about why you thought it was good. Customer reviews are the lifeblood of indie authors. The more positive reviews a book has, the more likely it is someone will give it a try.

So here’s your big chance to read a story with characters one reader writes are “well described and sympathetic, each in their own way.” Another reviewer writes, “This isn’t simply a transplant of a fairy tale plot into a modern setting, this is a total reworking of the classic story that makes sense and works in our modern world.” And a third calls it, “Unnerving, haunting and well worth the purchase price.”

It’s free next week or only a buck if you can’t wait. Can you beat a deal like that?

I’m hoping not.


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