RED DRAGON FIVE Cover and Release Date Announced

I’ve been writing about Red Dragon Five — the sequel to State of Grace — for some time now (albeit not much recently, since it’s been in editing). I am very pleased to make two big announcements about it.

First, the book is due out Tuesday, 20 November 2012. I plan to have it available in print and eBook formats that same day. I don’t have a whole lot of print sales, but there are those who prefer old-fashioned books, and I found proofing the print edition of State of Grace helped me find a few typos.

The release date allows me to do three things. First, I hope to ride the wave of excitement over the release of the new James Bond film, Skyfall. With Bond in the forefront of pop culture next month, I believe I can grab some ancillary sales.

It’ll also get the book on sale in time for Christmas shopping season. Since that’s the biggest sales time of the year, it’ll be good to have something brand new available.

Finally, I released State of Grace the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in 2011. Thus, I’ll be able to get the next book in the series out exactly a year later. I’d have preferred much sooner, but I do appreciate the symmetry.

The other big announcement is that I have a cover. I’m pretty happy with it, and I think it has a very dynamic look. Check it out:

RED DRAGON FIVE — Due out November 20th!

When the top-secret Red Dragon Project is sabotaged and one of its agents disappears, only Wolf Dasher realizes who is really behind it: the sinister terrorist organization, the Sons of Frey. But when the trail leads across the border of Alfar and into Jifan, Wolf must leave behind his new love, May Honeyflower, and go undercover on a dangerous and unofficial mission with no backup. Deep inside the terrorists’ operation, Wolf searches for the missing Red Dragon. And when Wolf disappears, May abandons her post as Captain of Alfar’s Elite Guard and goes off on a desperate search for him. Can she find him before the Sons of Frey discover his true identity, and can either of them stop the terrorists from unleashing an apocalypse on Alfar?

Red Dragon Five is the second book in the Wolf Dasher series of fantasy-thriller mashup novels blending magic, super-spies, and politics in an exciting brew of action and adventure. A story of love and family set against a backdrop of betrayal, revenge, and terrorism, Red Dragon Five is a page-turner you won’t want to put down. Read it as a stand-alone novel or as a sequel to State of Grace.

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