STATE OF GRACE will be free on on November 19-20

Well, I have done it. I have officially unpublished State of Grace from Smashwords and Barnes & Noble and enrolled it in KDP Select. The eBook version is now available exclusively through for the next 90 days.

Part of me feels like I just accepted Darth Vader’s offer to join him and rule the galaxy together. After all, Amazon is an empire when it comes to book sales and distribution. You can decide for yourself whether it’s evil or not, but there is no question it is the 800lb gorilla in the market. A pro-competition liberal like myself can’t help but feel a little dirty about signing on with an organization that controls a large enough piece of the market they could effectively be considered a monopoly.

But it doesn’t matter if Amazon is evil or benevolent. We’re not going to rule the galaxy together — at least not yet. I’m no Luke Skywalker. I’m a small, independent author struggling to get myself over. And after looking at all my business options, Amazon is offering me the best method to increase my brand awareness and sell more books.

RED DRAGON FIVE — Available Tuesday, November 20!

My new book, Red Dragon Five, launches Tuesday. I’ll be celebrating by using KDP Select’s free days to give away copies of State of Grace. Those copies will have teases for Red Dragon Five in them. I’ll be supporting the giveaway with a Facebook ad campaign. Over the next few weeks — you know, prime shopping season — I’ll be using the various online advertising venues available to indie authors to push the John Phythyon and Wolf Dasher brands.

So logon to on Monday and Tuesday of next week and pick up a copy of State of Grace for free. Then on Tuesday, get Red Dragon Five for $3.99. Two books for four bucks. How can you go wrong? James Bond-style action in a traditional fantasy world of elves and magic. What’s not to like?

As always, I’ll report my success and failures on my KDP and other promotions here. If there’s any wisdom to be found for other indie authors, I’m happy to share it.

In the meantime, get yourself some Wolf Dasher books for your Kindle. They make perfect reading while you’re standing in long lines doing your holiday shopping.


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