A Year in the Life of an Indie Author

Every now and then in life you need to stop what you’re doing and pat yourself on the back.

RED DRAGON FIVE is on sale now!

Today seems an appropriate time. As of today, Red Dragon Five is on sale at Amazon.com. You can get it in print and eBook versions. It’s enrolled in KDP Select, so you can borrow it if you’re a member of Amazon Prime.

As any indie author can tell you, publishing a book is a monumental task. In addition to writing the thing, you’ve got to get it edited, laid out, a cover designed, and market it. All things a publishing house allegedly does for you. So just getting Red Dragon Five on sale is worth celebrating.

But it means a lot to me on a number of other levels.

This is my second novel. I published State of Grace last year. Writing and publishing one book is a significant achievement, but it comes with a certain kind of blissful ignorance. No matter how much research you do or what your background is, doing this the first time means not really knowing what you’re doing. Being able to get a second book out comes with a lot of hard-earned wisdom, some battle scars, and wondering how you ever managed to publish the first one.

Delivering Red Dragon Five after a year of trials and errors and perserverance feels pretty rewarding.

In addition to being my second novel, it’s my fifth book. I’ve also published three short stories — “The Darkline Protocol”, “The Coronation of King Charles III”, and “Sleeping Beauty” — as eBooks. It seems extraordinary to me that I could get five books out in a single year’s time. I’ve read that, to have a sustainable career as an independent author, you need to have a large catalogue. Year One has certainly moved me in that direction.

But I think the best part of publishing Red Dragon Five today is that it happened on the one-year anniversary of my publishing State of Grace. The date isn’t exactly the same — I published SoG on November 22, 2011. But I launched my indie-publishing career the Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2011. Not only do I like the symmetry of getting Novel #2 out on the anniversary of Novel #1, as I reflect on this grand occasion, I’m struck by how much better my life is today. Last year at this time, it was filled with uncertainty and worry. Publishing a book was one of the few good things I had going, one of the few ways I was taking control of what was at the time a rough life.

Get STATE OF GRACE free November 20!

Now, I am so much more satisfied with my career. I am getting married. I have two great stepchildren, and I’m healing the rift with my daughter. I even got adopted by a cat shortly after State of Grace came out. Red Dragon Five isn’t just my second novel; it’s a marker for how much better my life has gotten.

So today I am going to take time out from what has become a very busy life and pat myself on the back. It’s been a good year, and Red Dragon Five is a good present to myself. If you want to help me celebrate, pick up a copy of RD5. It’s only $3.99 for your Kindle. And today (November 20), you can get State of Grace for free. Two books for four bucks. Not a bad deal. (And if you’re reading this after the 20th, SoG is only 99 cents, so it’s still a good deal.)

I am so excited for the coming year. I’ve got plans for two more novels and another short story. I’m getting married in March. I can’t wait to see where I am the Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2013.


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