ONCE UPON A TIME and “Sleeping Beauty”

Man, I love ABC’s Once Upon a Time. A modern retelling of every major fairytale mixing magic lands with the real world and nonlinear storytelling with lots of strong female characters? What’s not to like?

(Well, actually, there are some writing issues, a lot of pandering to Disney films, and some special effects problems, but that’s a whole other blog.)

I’ve enjoyed fairytales my whole life, and I like approaching old material in a fresh way. Plus, I love magic and happy endings. Once Upon a Time appeals to a lot of my sensibilities.

So, needless to say, after what I thought was the strongest episode yet last week, I’m a little disappointed we’re already at the mid-season finale this coming Sunday. I don’t want to wait a month or more for more episodes. Things are getting good!

Missing ONCE UPON A TIME already? "Sleeping Beauty" is FREE December 3rd!

Missing ONCE UPON A TIME already? “Sleeping Beauty” is FREE December 3rd!

I’m betting I’m not the only fan of the show feeling this way, so I’m engaging in a little shameless self-promotion to help fill the void. I’m making my short story, “Sleeping Beauty”, free on Monday, December 3.

Much like the show, “Sleeping Beauty” reimagines a classic fairytale and sets it in modern times. Also like the show, True Love is the most powerful magic of all.

But my version of the fairytale is a cautionary story about obsessive love — particularly the kind shown by overprotective parents. It’s not a wicked witch who ensorcells the titular character, but her father — attempting to “preserve her honor” until she is old enough to marry. Her mother is little better, manipulating first her daughter into becoming the woman she thinks she should be and then her would-be boyfriend into breaking the spell.

“Sleeping Beauty” is a creepy retelling of a familiar story that asks questions about how we should treat our daughters. I wish it was less timely than it was.

Regardless, if you like Once Upon a Time like I do, “Sleeping Beauty” should appeal. Hopefully, it’ll help tide you over until we get some new episodes.


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