KDP Select Free Event Update: RED DRAGON FIVE

RED DRAGON FIVE is free through April 24!

RED DRAGON FIVE is free through April 24!

The Red Dragon Five free event is in full swing! Here’s what I have to report so far.

U.S. Downloads Good

RD5 is doing pretty well in the U.S. at the moment. As of almost 11am CDT, it has 1154 downloads. Pretty respectable for a book that had disappeared after a promising launch. I don’t have enough reviews to be considered for promo giant BookBub, but I have paid for listings with several sites, including Kindle Book Review and Book Goodies, and that seems to have created some momentum.

U.K. Downloads Not So Good

Across the Pond, things are not going as well. When I did a free event for “Sleeping Beauty: A Modern Fairy Tale” last month, I managed 1500 downloads in three days, with between 700 and 800 coming on day one. Red Dragon Five doesn’t seem to have the same punch. I’ve only got 30 at the moment.

I paid for a listing with Free Books Hub UK this morning to try to stir up a little action, and I also listed it with The eReader House, a British-based indie authors support group. That’s kicked my numbers from 18 at 6.00am to 30 now, so it seems to have helped some. But if things don’t change soon, this is going to be a much less successful event.

That’s especially concerning to me because, while I got 2500 downloads in the U.S. versus 1500 in the U.K. for “Sleeping Beauty: A Modern Fairy Tale”, I got more sales in Britain by nearly a two to one margin after the free event. Hopefully, things will pick up in the U.K. soon.

SoG Lo-res cover 2Rising Tide

When I planned this free event, my hope was that a successful run for Red Dragon Five would help raise the water level for the first book in the Wolf Dasher series, State of Grace. I hoped that, once RD5 started selling after the free event, some buyers would also decide they needed SoG.

To my delight, that began happening on the first day of the free event. In the first 24 hours, I sold seven copies of State of Grace. I also have sold two copies of “The Darkline Protocol”, which was totally unexpected. It seems my theory about one book in a series selling the others is correct. Hopefully, that trend will continue.

Numbers Game

Red Dragon Five started charting yesterday afternoon. It first landed on the charts at #1428 in the Kindle Free Store and #6 in Mysteries & Thrillers>Thrillers>Spy Stories & Tales of Intrigue. That seems a pretty narrow category, and, to be honest, I didn’t even know it existed. However, I’ve moved up to #1 in that category as well as landing at #16 in the much larger Fantasy category. Overall, RD5 is now at #202 in the Free Store.

Moving Forward

I’ve got about a day-and-a-half left on this free event, and I’d like to see if I can push Red Dragon Five into the Top 100 in the Free Store. If I could also get it up to #1 in Fantasy, that would likely create some momentum that would really kick sales into high gear once it comes off free.

You can help out! If you don’t own Red Dragon Five, click on the link below to download it for your Kindle-enabled device for free. You can also forward the link to friends and encourage them to get it.


I’ll report next week on the final results and how sales are going post-free. In the meantime, thanks for your support! Here’s to a strong finish.


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