Friday Freebies!

It’s Friday, and that seems like a pretty good excuse for some freebies. Cuz, ya know, “Friday” and “free” both start with “fr.” And I dig me some alliteration.

Anyway, I’ve got some exciting information on free stuff for the Wolf Dasher line.

TDP Hi-res coverFirst, if you haven’t seen it, Amazon has finally (Finally!) price-matched Smashwords for the free price on “The Darkline Protocol.” The always-intended-to-be-free short story set two years before the events of State of Grace, is now actually gratis on (as well as Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony, etc.)

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and download this exciting short piece wherein Wolf is assigned to find out who’s leaking sensitive information from the Urlish consulate in Mensch, Bretelstein to the Phrygians. What he finds puts him in incredible danger — not only is the spy an innocent victim, the real prize is not intelligence on Her Majesty’s Shadow Service; it’s Wolf himself!

Get it FREE from Amazon here.

(And if you like it, take the time to write a review! It doesn’t have any at Amazon.)

Speaking of State of Grace, it’s going free on Amazon next week. On Monday, May 13 and Tuesday, May 14, you’ll be able to download the original Wolf Dasher adventure for your Kindle for absolutely nothing!

SoG Lo-res cover 2A chilling murder of Wolf’s friend and colleague in the Shadow Service, Sara Wensley-James, sends Wolf to Alfar, magical land of elves to find out who killed her and why. Sara named Sagaius Silverleaf, Alfar’s ambassador to Urland as the culprit, but he couldn’t have done it. He was in Urland at the time of the murder.

Wolf’s investigation uncovers one disturbing connection after another — a sadistic Phrygian Shadow, a mad general bent on conquest, an evil artifact, and a deadly group of fundamentalist terrorists obsessed with toppling Alfar’s government. They all weave together somehow, and Wolf will have to unravel this web of zealotry and deceit before a cataclysmic act of terrorism leads to a coup and changes the balance of power in the world forever.

You can download the first exciting chapter of State of Grace¬†here to get a taste of a book one reviewer called “action-packed and full of surprises.”

Then click here to download it for free on Monday!


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