“Sleeping Beauty” Free this Week!

Sleeping Beauty Mark III’m running another free event on Amazon this week. “Sleeping Beauty: A Modern Fairy Tale” — my creepy re-imagining of the classc story — will be available free all week long. Yep! I’m using all five of my KDP Select free days at once this time. So all this week, you can get my most successful book absolutely gratis!

If free isn’t enough of a motivator for you, consider some of these reviews:

Clever! 5 stars

A compelling short story that blends just a little bit of magic with a true-to-life modern day twist on the original Sleeping Beauty. I loved the original story as a child, and this was a GREAT new version of it!!

–Kendra L. Metz

Amazing 5 stars

I like modern fairy tales and this one is amazing. It leaves you wanting more. It’s interesting and shocking at the sometime.

–Miss G. Willis

A great read! 4 stars

Sleeping Beauty is an enjoyable short story with character development that defies its length. It’s a quick read, but the tale lingers. Unnerving, haunting and well worth the purchase price.


A tale of greed and hope. 4 stars

Well-timed, well-told, neither longer nor shorter than it need be, Sleeping Beauty is indeed a modern fairy-tale, with all the gruesome cruelties of the old set in the world of the new.

–Sheila Deeth

TDP Cover Mk IIAnd if you want another free short story, don’t forget you can download “The Darkline Protocol” free from Amazon and Smashwords. It’s a short, exciting adventure designed to introduce Wolf Dasher, and you can get it for nothing!

As long as I’m engaging in shameless self-promotion today, did you know you can sign up for my new releases mailing list? Click this link, and you’ll be able to register to be the first to know about cover reveals, release dates, and other nifties in conjunction with my newest books. Don’t worry. I won’t spam and I don’t sell or share your email.

Two free short stories — is there a better way to start the week? Perhaps, but this one sure doesn’t suck! Enjoy!


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