Running on Full

Last week, it felt like my brain was empty. I was completely exhausted by a variety of personal life crap, and it was all I could do to focus on writing. Somehow, despite all that, I managed to finish the first draft of Beauty & the Beast: A Modern Fairy Tale.

I expected to be completely spent — to have a sort of “writing hangover” that would reduce me to being able to do little more than some website makeover work and marketing things this week.

Instead, the opposite has been true. Somehow, coming through that storm and getting the first draft of a novella completed has recharged me.

Usually, I set aside a first draft of a book and come back to it after a few days (or weeks). Not so with B&B. I’ve been eagerly editing this week. I’m about halfway through it and hope to get my edits finished by Friday. Possibly, it’s because I knew as I was writing I wouldn’t be done when I was finished. This particular book has been difficult to get down. I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do as I was writing it. Now that I’ve got a direction, I’m excited and don’t want to let it go.

I’m also breathless to get The Sword and the Sorcerer back from my editor. I’m a little glad it didn’t come in this week, so I could keep working on Beauty & the Beast, but I’m also anxious to make some changes to SatS that have been running around in my brain.

And yesterday, the first percolations of an idea for a new modern fairy tale came to me. Not to mention I’m sorting through plot ideas for Roses Are White.

I was worried about this summer, because, with the kids home, I was uncertain how much work I could get done. So far, it hasn’t been an issue at all. I feel more productive than I have in weeks.

So here’s hoping I can keep up the pace. Here’s hoping I can keep on keepin’ on. I’m behind on this year’s production schedule, but if the ideas keep flowing like they have been, I may be able to get caught up after all.


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