“Sleeping Beauty” Outperforming FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA

In honor of the release of my new novella, Beauty & the Beast: A Modern Fairy Tale, I’m giving away my short story, “Sleeping Beauty: A Modern Fairy Tale”, free on Amazon.com this week! If you haven’t had a chance to read it, now is an opportunity to do so at no cost. “Sleeping Beauty” was an Indie Book of the Day pick, and it’s garnered a number of very nice reviews.

Yesterday was pretty exciting. I got nearly 1200 free downloads, pushing “Sleeping Beauty: A Modern Fairy Tale” to the top of two categories in the Amazon Free Store and getting it all the way up to #177 overall.

But even more exciting than that for me was where it landed in relation to some of the other books available. In the Science Fiction & Fantasy>Fantasy>Fairy Tales category, it was at number one for awhile yesterday before slipping back to number two. But look at the Top Five in the category:

Sleeping Beauty Free Screenshot

Number five is Dracula. Dracula! Number four is my all-time favorite novel, Frankenstein! Number one is Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know, and, given that I was number one in this category for awhile yesterday, I was “outselling” it too.

Obviously, it doesn’t really mean anything. Shelley and Stoker are going to be doing better than me long after “Sleeping Beauty” goes back into the paid store, and being able to give away more books than those two greats doesn’t say anything significant about my literary prowess.

But wow. I’m in a Top Five that includes Frankenstein and Dracula. I could not be more flattered.

You can help keep me there for a little longer. Head out over to Amazon.com and grab a copy of “Sleeping Beauty: A Modern Fairy Tale.” Tell your friends too. After all, it’s free.

Need more convincing? Here’s the book blurb and cover.

Sleeping Beauty Mark IIHe wanted to save her. He got it all wrong.

Carl is the only one left. All Beth’s friends were sad when she fell into a coma two years ago at the age of fourteen. But life moved on, and so did they. Except Carl. He still comes to see her. He still visits two to three times a week, talking to her and hoping she will wake.

Her mother, Marie, is insane. She stares constantly through a thick haze of cigarette smoke at Carl whenever he visits Beth, watching him, evaluating, plotting.

Marie knows the truth. She knows why Beth is in that coma. She knows it was Rex, Beth’s father, who did it. She knows he hired a witch to cast a spell on her Pretty Princess until she is old enough to marry, until his hand-picked protégé wakes her with True Love’s First Kiss.

But if whomever Rex chooses can break the curse, then so can Carl. He’s loved Beth since he first met her in Sixth Grade. Marie knows. She has a plan. And maybe she’s not as crazy as everyone thinks.

First, though, she’ll have to convince Carl to believe in magic. Then she’ll have to encourage him to defy Rex. That won’t be easy. Rex hates Carl. He put Beth into that coma to keep Carl away from her. And Rex has a wicked temper.

Marie is determined, though. She’s going to get her Sleeping Beauty back. And Carl is going to help . . . whether he likes it or not.

Can True Love’s First Kiss really break the curse, or are darkness, insanity, and self-doubt too strong?

Set in modern times, “Sleeping Beauty” is a creepy re-imagining of the original fairy tale. Much like ABC’s Once Upon A Time, it offers a fresh look at an old story.

It explores what happens when parents go too far to protect their children. All parents struggle deciding when to hold on tightly to their children and when to let go. Rex and Marie get it all wrong. A cautionary tale, “Sleeping Beauty” reminds us there is a fine line between love and obsession, between care and cruelty.

Click here to download “Sleeping Beauty: A Modern Fairy Tale” for free through October 11, 2013.


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