Sometimes Writing is Hard

Sometimes writing is hard.

I’m not talking about trying to figure out what to write next or how to choose the right words or even just finding the time to do it. Sometimes it’s just hard to do what you planned.

I killed a character yesterday.

That shouldn’t be a big deal. I write action-adventure stories and fairy tales. I kill characters often.

But yesterday I killed a recurring character. He was minor. He’s had very few scenes, and he hasn’t had a huge impact on the plot. But he’s been in all three Wolf Dasher novels (including Roses Are White, the one I’m writing now in which he dies).

And he doesn’t just die. When I say, “I killed him,” I mean I killed him. Roses Are White is about an assassin working to topple Alfar’s government. This guy falls victim. So, when I say “I killed a character,” I mean I murdered a character.

This isn’t the first murder that’s occurred in one of my books. There’s been at least one in each of the Wolf Dasher novels, and I’ve only penned one book (Beauty & the Beast: A Modern Fairy Tale) where a murder doesn’t occur (although there is a death).

But this one felt a little harsher. I mean, this character survived two other novels. It was a little hard to kill him now. It felt like a betrayal of sorts.

Sometimes, writing is hard. Doing what’s best for the story can be heartbreaking.


NaNoWriMo continues to go well. The chapter where my unfortunate character meets his end came in at 2177 words, and today I penned another 2448. Chapters 14 and 15 are in the books, er, the computer.

I am pleased with how it is forcing me to stay on pace for getting the first draft of Rose Are White done by the end of the month. Here’s hoping I can keep it up.


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