STATE OF GRACE a Kindle Countdown Deal

SoG Cover Mk III 2This week’s featured book in my holiday sale schedule is the original Wolf Dasher thriller, State of Grace! Meet Wolf for the first time as he journeys from the familiar environments of Urland and Phrygia into the strange land of Alfar — home of elves.

When his friend and colleague in Urland’s Shadow Service is brutally murdered, she leaves a dying clue that points to Alfar’s ambassador to Urland. But he couldn’t have done it. He was out of the country. Wolf must navigate an intricate web of assassination, betrayal, and zealotry, and he must act quickly. Failure means a devastating act of terrorism that will kill thousands of elves, topple Alfar’s government, and change the balance of power in the world forever.

A page-turning thriller that will keep you reading late into the night, State of Grace marries the best elements of a traditional fantasy setting with James Bond style in a satisfying brew of action and  adventure. Get it today for only 99 cents!

Click here to buy State of Grace from!

Want a print copy? State of Grace is part of Amazon’s matchbook program. If you buy the print version, you get the Kindle edition FREE! Give the print edition as a Christmas gift and keep the eBook for yourself!

Click here to buy State of Grace in print.


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