THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER Available for Pre-Order

SatS Cover Lo-resI’m very pleased to announce that The Sword and the Sorcerer, my new fantasy novel, is available for pre-order from Smashwords and its affiliates. If you follow the link below, you’ll be able to place an order for the new book, which releases Christmas Day. Then, on the 25th, the novel will automatically be delivered to your eReader device. So, after all the presents from Santa Claus are opened, you’ll still have one more gift (except it won’t exactly be under the tree).

The Sword and the Sorcerer tells the story of Calibot, poet laureate to the Duke of Dalasport. He has just about everything he wants in life until his estranged father — the Known World’s most powerful sorcerer — is murdered. Calibot finds himself the recipient of a magical sword and a quest to gather his father’s body and lay it to rest. He wants nothing to do with either. Reluctantly thrust into a mad game of revenge and political assassination, Calibot is forced from the warm confines of the duke’s court to the cold terror of a world where everyone wants what he has and will stop at nothing to get it.

Click here to pre-order The Sword and the Sorcerer from Smashwords for just $4.99.


SoG Cover Mk III 2If you missed the 99-cent sale on State of Grace, not to worry. You can still get it at reduced priced. Today and Thursday, it will on sale for $1.99 as part of Amazon’s Kindle Countdown Deals program.

Snatch it up now, though. The original Wolf Dasher novel goes back to regular price (a mere $2.99) Friday morning at 8am. Buy it today, and you can save a dollar!


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