Looking Ahead to 2014

It’s a brand new year, and I’ve got me some plans for it. 2013 may have been disappointing, but I am looking forward to good things in 2014.

Three Books

In 2012, I published three books. That led me to believe I could do the same for 2013. Of course, two of those three books in 2012 were short stories that had already been written. I only had to rewrite and publish.

In 2013, I was trying to write two novels and a short story from scratch. The short story grew into a novella, and I didn’t get started on the second novel until November.

I’ve got a better plan this year.

I will once again attempt to publish three books — two novels and a novella. However, the first novel’s first draft is already finished. It needs editing and rewriting, but I’ve gotten the hard part done.

Likewise, I’ve already got a second draft of the novella finished. It’s an older work I want to revive and publish. That greatly increases the likelihood I can get it all done.

Publishing Schedule

So what do I have in mind? Here is my plan for 2014.

April — Roses Are White (Book 3 of the Wolf Dasher Series)August — Ghost of a Chance (Book 4 of the Wolf Dasher Series)
November — The Secret Thief: A Modern Fairy Tale

I had planned to write a Wolf Dasher book each year, but I didn’t get one out in 2013, and, knowing how Roses Are White ends, I don’t think readers are going to want to wait a whole year to read the fourth book. So I’ll put that one out a few months later.

The Secret Thief is a story I developed several years ago. I’ll fit it into the Modern Fairy Tales series, but, unlike the others, it’s not based on an existing story. It’s a completely original tale.

That’s the plan for 2014. I think I’ve  got a much better opportunity to pull it off.

Don’t forget The Sword and the Sorcerer just released last week. Make sure you pick up a copy of my latest novel, and remember $1.00 of every sale benefits Freedom to Marry, the campaign to win marriage freedom nationwide.


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