Bonus Blog (BB): God Shot

MY good friend Chris Watson finds an amazing Valentine’s message.

The Kansas Expatriate


I was in our best local store for, well almost anything you could want, when, as is so often the case, the universe quietly sent me a message.  The Anderson’s (, besides being a great garden and home store, is also known for flowers, cheese, wine, the bakery, the deli, candy, and the meat market.  In other words, a great place on Valentine’s Day.  I was there for soy sauce.

I was in the 12 item or less aisle not so patiently waiting for the guy at the checkout trying to use an expired coupon.  The guy immediately in front of me had two plastic tulips.  They were the kind that you stuck in the ground and if the sun was shinning the nifty little solar panel not so subtly disguised as a leaf would light the tulip after dark.  As I said, I had soy sauce.

When his…

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