Mailing List Subscribers Get New Stuff First

Every business has things it does well and areas where it needs improvement. I’m no exception. I work hard. I hustle. I study trends and try to capitalize.

letter_email_writingBut my mailing list sucks. All of my writer friends have robust mailing lists they use to let readers know about new developments and releases. I have one too, but it is to robust what President Obama is to uncontroversial.

So here’s the deal: you can sign up by clicking on the link below. If you do, you get email from me every month or so. You’ll find out the release date for new books, cover reveals, and get notification when new work is available. And you get it all before anyone else does. Yep, you’ll have the opportunity to be the first person to see a new cover or buy a new John Phythyon novel.

I’m not a spammer. I know people don’t need to read everything I’m doing at every moment of the day. I get it. You just want to know the cool stuff and when you can buy another book. So that’s all I use the list for. I don’t spam. I don’t overshare.

So go ahead and click on that link. It’s safe. You’ll only hear from me. Occasionally. When I’ve got something cool to tell you.

Click here to sign up for John’s mailing list.


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