STATE OF GRACE Free this Week!

I’m coming down the homestretch on Roses Are White. My editor has given me back the third draft, so I’m in rewrite mode again. Everything’s on schedule for a late-April release. Woo-hoo! Wolf Dasher is finally getting his long-awaited third adventure.

SoG Cover Mk III 2To celebrate (and to generate interest), the original Wolf Dasher thriller, State of Grace, is free all this week. Now is the perfect chance to get in on the ground floor of my fantasy-thriller mash-up series that blends James Bond-style action with a Tolkienesque fantasy setting.

State of Grace introduces Wolf Dasher, a charming and explosive agent of Her Majesty’s Government in Urland. Wolf is a Shadow, a human being with innate magical powers granted by The Rift, a strange and poorly understood tear in the fabric of reality. He’s sent to the elf nation of Alfar to discover who murdered his friend and colleague, Sara Wensley-James. There, he uncovers a sinister conspiracy designed to topple Alfar’s coalition government and change the balance of power in the world forever. From the chilling opening sequence to the pulse-pounding finale, State of Grace is an exciting page-turner.

And, through Friday, it’s free! You can read Wolf’s first adventure on your Kindle-enabled device. And don’t forget to check out the follow-up adventure, Red Dragon Five, so you’ll be all set when Roses Are White releases next month! Click on the links below to get them!

Click here to download State of Grace for free from March 31 to April 4, 2014.

Click here to purchase Red Dragon Five from

State of Grace is featured on the Kindle Books & Tips blog today. Here’s a link to the blog, so you can check out SoG and some other great books!


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