ROSES ARE WHITE Release Date Set

I’m pleased to announce the release date for Roses Are White, Book Three in the Wolf Dasher series. The Kindle version will be available April 29, 2014. A print version will be out shortly thereafter. I’ll have a firm date for that soon.

In the meantime, here’s the marketing blurb for Roses Are White:

Death wears white. . . .
Dexter Rose, the world’s greatest assassin, has come to Alfar – legendary land of the elves – on a singular mission: topple the government, paving the way for a takeover by rival nation Jifan. He’s impossible to catch. A master magician, Rose can look like anyone with a simple spell. With a flick of his wand, his target is petrified, unable to escape or even move while he slits their throat. And he always leaves his signature calling card – a pristine, white rose – to remind others he cannot be stopped.

His plan is simple: three perfect murders of key officials, culminating with President Spellbinder herself. The only way to prevent the killing is for the coalition government to abdicate.

Only one man has all the right skills to go head to head with the infamous assassin and defeat him before he can complete his gruesome assignment. In a land of elves and magic, it will take a human Shadow to unmask Dexter Rose before it’s too late.

But Wolf Dasher is recalled to Urland. Control feels it’s time for him to move to a different theater. In Alfar, he’s become a liability.

May Honeyflower – Captain of the Elite Guard and Wolf’s love – doesn’t believe his replacement can save the president. She’ll have to find a way to get Wolf one more job in Alfar and keep him with her forever.

But is even Wolf Dasher good enough to stop a killer who’s never failed? And if he isn’t, what will be the cost?

Roses Are White is the third book in the exciting Wolf Dasher series. Following the action of State of Grace and Red Dragon Five, this fantasy-thriller mash-up blends super-spy action with magic and elves in an electric brew that will keep you turning pages. Love and bigotry, loss and redemption, sacrifice and savagery all collide in a pulse-pounding tale you won’t want to put down.

SoG Cover Mk III 2If you’re not familiar with the Wolf Dasher series, now is the perfect time to get onboard. State of Grace, the first Wolf Dasher book, is free for your Kindle-enabled device through Friday, April 4! Read how Wolf first comes to Alfar to find out who murdered his friend and colleague and uncovers a Byzantine conspiracy aimed at toppling the government and changing the balance of power in the world forever. Click on the link below to download it free!

Click here to download State of Grace for free.

Click here to purchase the second Wolf Dasher novel, Red Dragon Five from


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