Get RED DRAGON FIVE for just 99 cents!

RD5 Cover Mk IITo celebrate last week’s release of my new novel, Roses Are White, I’m running a sale on the second book in the Wolf Dasher series, Red Dragon Five! For a limited time, you an get RD5 for just 99 cents! Check it out!

When the top-secret Red Dragon Project is sabotaged and one of its agents goes missing, only Wolf Dasher realizes who is really behind it: the sinister terrorist organization, the Sons of Frey. But when the trail leads across the border of Alfar and into Jifan, Wolf must leave behind his new love, May Honeyflower, and go undercover on a dangerous, unofficial mission with no backup. Deep inside the terrorists’ organization, Wolf searches for the missing agent, a woman who can transform into a giant, firebreathing dragon. When he disappears, May abandons her post as Captain of Alfar’s Elite Guard, forms an alliance with the zealous leader of an outlawed militia, and goes off on a desperate search for Wolf. Can she find him before the Sons of Frey discover his true identity, and can either of them prevent the terrorists from unleashing an apocalypse on Alfar?

A story of love and family set against a backdrop of betrayal, revenge, and terrorism, Red Dragon Five is a page-turner you won’t want to put down!

Praise for Red Dragon Five:

“Plots. Betrayal. International intrigue. Magical gadgets, and doom’s day in the waiting. Red Dragon Five has all the elements of a spy thriller and fantasy world thrown together . . .”

–J. Marchant, reviewer

“. . . murder, love, intrigue, mystery, suspense, magic and embedded in this mix are powerful emotions that kept me reading two evenings in a row, each time beyond midnight.”

–Johann David Renner, reviewer

Click here to pick up a copy of Red Dragon Five for just 99 cents!

And don’t forget to nab your copy of Roses Are White the brand new Wolf Dasher thriller!


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