Prices Reduced for Wolf Dasher Thrillers

One of the good things about being an indie author is the ability to adjust to the market as things are happening. See a trend? You can capitalize on it quickly.

Sadly, one of the trends I’ve noticed recently is price resistance from consumers. Last year, the prices of indie books had been moving upwards, and I set my novels at $4.99 to cash in.

Unfortunately, the reverse seems to be true now. Book buyers on Amazon are less likely to buy if the price slips much above $2.99.

The good news for me is that, since I have total price control over my books (something I wouldn’t have at a trad-pub house), I can adjust.

I am therefore reducing the price of the entire Wolf Dasher line to $2.99. You can now enjoy all of Wolf’s adventures for less than three bucks apiece. Pretty cool, eh?

Web Page Dasher BannerSo what are you waiting for? Pick up an entertaining, action-adventure yarn for your summer reading. They’re even more affordable than they used to be.

Click here to purchase Wolf’s first adventure, State of Grace from

Wolf’s second thriller, Red Dragon Five, is available by clicking here.

Click this link to get Wolf’s third adventure, Roses Are White.

Want to know more about the Wolf Dasher series? Click here.


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