Nothing Beats a Comfortable Workstation

Once again, I’ve struggled to blog regularly. It’s this moving thing. It takes so very much of my time, it’s all I can do to find a moment to breathe, let alone do my job.

However, I’m very excited, because things are coming together nicely. Wednesday, our stuff arrived. Due to a series of complications I won’t go into here, we spent two weeks without most of our belongings. They beat us to Columbus and then sat in storage.

But they’re here now, and that means something very dear to my heart — I’ve got my desk back!

So happy to have my full desk for the first time in four years!

So happy to have my full desk for the first time in four years!

I’ve been writing with my computer on my lap. For several days, I relied on my phone to connect me to the internet. Now, though, I’ve got my desk back in front of me, my office chair underneath me. I’ve got a proper workstation again.

And it’s even better than that. For the first time in years, I’ve got my whole desk again.

For emotional reasons, I quit working in my office at the apartment I had 2010. I sat on my couch out in the front room with the computer on my lap.

When I moved in with Jill in 2012, the tiny house she rented at the time had no room for my enormous workstation. I stored the desk in her garage and continued working on the couch.

That summer, we moved into the house we thought would be our forever home. But there wasn’t room for the whole desk in there. I managed to get the main unit and the hutch set up. But the rest of it sat in my daughter’s room where it collected dust and piles of clutter.

But we’re in Ohio now. We have a new house with plenty of space. For the first time since I abandoned the backroom of my apartment, I have a dedicated office space (which we’re calling, The Study). I’ve already written two chapters of Ghost of Chance in it, and it feels great.

I’ve still got work to do, putting the study together and unpacking things to decorate my desk. But I’ve got my full workstation for the first time in almost four years. The comfort and satisfaction are immeasurable.

Let the work begin!


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