STATE OF GRACE and ROSES ARE WHITE on sale for 99 cents!

Starting today, two of my Wolf Dasher novels are on sale for just 99 cents! Yep. You can get the original Wolf Dasher thriller, State of Grace, and Wolf”s latest adventure, Roses Are White, for just a dollar each. Two books for two bucks. Is there a better deal than that?

Click on the links below to pick up your copies!

State of Grace

SoG Cover Mk III 2Murder in a broken land . . .
When his friend and colleague is murdered in Alfar, magical land of elves, Wolf Dasher faces the toughest mission of his career. He must find out who did it and bring the killer to justice. The clues all point to Alfar’s ambassador – but he was out of the country when the crime occurred.

Undercover and out of his depth, Wolf soon finds himself caught in a deadly web of assassination, betrayal, and zealotry. Religious extremists, a mad general, and a megalomaniac with a messiah complex all wrestle for control of the elf nation’s destiny.

Pursued by a sadistic killer and blocked by politicians only interested in their own agendas, Wolf races against time to uncover a conspiracy that threatens to kill thousands of elves in a devastating act of terrorism, plunge Alfar into war, and alter the balance of power forever.

State of Grace is the first in a series of fantasy-thriller mash-up novels, blending magic, super-spies, and politics in an exciting brew of action and adventure. From the chilling opening scene to the pulse-pounding climax, State of Grace takes the best elements of an espionage thriller and a swords-and-sorcery epic and weaves them into a world both familiar and fantastic.

Click here to buy State of Grace for just 99 cents for your Kindle!

Roses Are White

RAW Cover lo-resDeath is a white rose. . . .
Dexter Rose, the world’s greatest assassin, has come to Alfar.

His mission: Topple the coalition government.
His plan: Three perfect murders, culminating with President Spellbinder herself.
His method: Magic – to disguise himself as anyone and to petrify the victim before the kill.

Only one man has all the right skills to go head to head with the infamous killer and defeat him before he can complete his gruesome assignment. In a land of elves and magic, it will take a human Shadow to stop Dexter Rose before it’s too late.

But Wolf Dasher is recalled to Urland, and his true love, May Honeyflower, isn’t convinced his replacement can prevent Rose from accomplishing his grisly goals. She’ll have to find a way to keep Wolf in Alfar for one more mission . . . and by her side forever.

As the killer closes in on his final quarry, is even Wolf Dasher good enough to stop an assassin who’s never failed? And if he can’t, what will be the cost?

Roses Are White is the third book in the exciting Wolf Dasher series. Following the action of State of Grace and Red Dragon Five, this fantasy-thriller mash-up blends super-spy action with magic and elves in an electric brew that will keep you turning pages. Love and bigotry, loss and redemption, sacrifice and savagery all collide in a pulse-pounding tale you won’t want to put down. Read it as a standalone novel or as the third installment in a series both fresh and familiar.

Click here to buy Roses Are White for just 99 cents for your Kindle!


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