This has easily been one of the strangest summers of my life. Moving to Ohio has been hard enough. But we couldn’t do things the ordinary way. We spent our first week in the Buckeye State staying with one of Jill’s coworkers before we could get into the house. Hitches in the paperwork caused our stuff to be delivered four days after we moved in. My stepchildren spent three weeks with their dad before the move and are back there now after only a couple weeks with us. And my daughter is spending summer with her mom.

Needless to say, things have been a little abnormal.

But today, my daughter is on her way here for a visit. Aside from pictures, she hasn’t seen the house or her school or new hometown. Some time this afternoon, she’ll be setting foot on Ohio soil for the first time since a 2005 trip to Cincinnati.

And I’m really excited.

I have missed her terribly. That’s probably not very surprising. Fathers miss their little girls whenever they are apart. Having her be in another state for so long increases my desire to see her, even though I’m pleased we saved her some of the stress of the move process.

And of course, she regards this whole relocation with considerable suspicion. She is a teenager, and therefore doesn’t see a lot of profit in having to make new friends and learn to fit into a new social setting and not being able to see her mom as much. She is likely to hold me at arm’s length while she is visiting this week, while poo-poohing everything cool I try to show her.

But I’m still excited.

She’s my daughter. I’m very proud of her. She makes me happy. Even while she’s infuriating me. I haven’t seen her since Father’s Day, and I miss her.

So I’m pretty excited today.

My baby girl is coming home, even if it’s only for a brief visit. I’ll be spending time getting the place spiffed up for her.

She deserves a proper homecoming.



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