Multiple Projects Update

Last week, I noted I was going to be taking on a new project while trying to keep going on the others. Here’s a little update on where several different books are in their developmental process.

“Secret Identity: My True-Life Adventure as a Superhero” is on pace for a November 3 release. I’ve got the final draft written, and I’m working on the layout now. I’ve sent ARC’s to a number of readers in an effort to create a strong review presence early in the book’s life.

Meanwhile, Jill is hunting down art for the cover. Hopefully, we’ll have a cover for this one I can show you very soon.

“Naughty & Nice: My True Life Adventure with Santa Claus” has made it through two drafts. I’ve sent it to my editor for her first look at it. I should have it back soon, and I hope to have a third draft completed by early next week. This one is scheduled for December 1, so it too is on-pace, but there remains a lot to be done with it.

The website needs a new page. I’ll be creating a “Memoirs” page in the next day or two, and that’s where all the information on the True-Life Adventure series will go. That should be done by the end of the week.

The title of the book I’m writing for Amazon’s Kindle Scout program is Little Red Riding Hoodie: A Modern Fairy Tale.  My stepdaughter gave me the name, and it’s a revamping of a novel I penned 11 years ago called Little Girl Lost. I’ve had to make some significant changes to the plot, and to put it kindly, I’m a much better writer than I was back then. Thus, while I have made use of good chunks of the old novel, the text has needed a lot of massaging and shaping.

Consequently, I’m a little off the pace of where I want to be with it. To have a chance of making deadline with this project, I’ve set a goal of 5000 words a day. As of this morning, I had 20,437. Thus, I’m averaging about 4000 words a day. I need to pick it up a little here.

Finally, I’m authoring a story to submit to a forthcoming collection of holiday-themed shorts. This tale, “An Unexpected Blessing”, made it through the first draft. I’ve edited that and decided I need to move events around a bit to make it read better. The deadline for that story is November 21, so I’ve pushed the rewrite back to next week, so I can focus on Little Red Riding Hoodie this week.

Okay, that’s enough writing about writing. I need to get back to work on the manuscripts that are due. More news as it develops.


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