2015 Publishing Schedule Announced

We haven’t quite hit Thanksgiving yet, and I’ve got my plan for next year. Boy, is it aggressive.

I sort of wish I’d come up with this idea in 2012 when the field was a little friendlier to independent authors. I bet I’d be a lot more successful now.

But there’s little to be done about that. I had to spend time learning and growing, and frankly, I expect I’ll look at this plan a year from now and decide there were things I could have done better. If only foresight were as accurate as hindsight.

Regardless, here’s my plan to attack 2015:

January — “Domestic Disturbance: My True-Life Adventure with Sibling Rivalry”

I continue my full-frontal assault on the memoir market with a third consecutive installment of my series of minis that humorously looks back on my childhood. This time, I reflect on the intense battles my brother Dave and I had to demonstrate who was the superior brother.

February — The Secret Thief: A Modern Fairy Tale

This book was originally scheduled to land in late 2014, but I rescheduled it to move the first installments of the memoir to November and December of this year. The Secret Thief is a novella that tells the story of a 10-year-old boy, who becomes haunted by a monster disguised as a girl. She steals his darkest secrets and reveals them wherever they will do the most damage.

March — “Swing and a Miss: My True-Life Adventure in Baseball”

This will land in late March to capitalize on Major League Baseball’s opening day on April 5. It’s a fourth mini-memoir, wherein I muse on the sinister nature of America’s national pastime and how it served to frustrate a young boy.

April — open

I have not scheduled anything for this month so that I can adapt to what happens with Little Red Riding Hoodie. If it is not accepted into the Kindle Scout program, this may be the landing place for it, although I may shift a few things around so that I don’t have two fairy tales in a three-month stretch. If the book is accepted, I’ll either add something to this slot or leave it open to give myself a breather.

May — “Rocketed to Earth: My True-Life Adventure as a Space Alien”

In 1978, no one was more obsessed with Star Wars in De Pere, Wisconsin than I. I lived and breathed that film, and I took it totally over the deep end. May 4 is Star Wars Day, and I will try to coincide with a release date near it.

June — Short Story Collection

I have a number of fantasy short stories floating around in various collections or available for sale singly through Amazon. In June, I’ll collect a number of them into a single volume, including a new story I’ve not published anywhere else before.

July — “Road Trip: My True-Life Adventure with Summer Vacation”

The memoir blitz continues this month as I release one recounting tens of hours spent in the back of a station wagon traveling to Dayton, Ohio; Front Royal, Virginia; or Kennebunkport, Maine to visit grandparents. Dave and I in the back a station wagon with little to do? What could possibly go wrong?

August — The Sword and the Sorcerer Sequel

I don’t have a title for this book yet, but I’ve gotten some requests to make this original into a series, and I sort of left that possibility open by including a map that defined more of the world than Calibot and his friends occupied. In 2015, I ‘ll start exploring that.

September — “Teacher’s Pet: My True-Life Adventure in School”

I was that kid everyone hated — really smart, breaking the curve, kissing up to the teacher, and acting all smug. As the new school year starts I’ll reflect on being a know-it-all, collecting football cards, getting bullied, and other assorted facets of being the smarty-pants kid.

October — “Inglorious Gridiron: My True-Life Adventure in Football”

Football will be in full swing by the time October rolls around, and I was as obsessed with it as a kid as I am today. I’ll reflect on getting everyone in the neighborhood to buy helmets and jerseys from the Sears catalog, starting a league in the backyard, and totally blowing the Super Bowl with my attitude and temper.

November — Twice in a Lifetime

The new James Bond movie releases in the U.S. the first week in November, and I’ll time the publication of the fifth Wolf Dasher novel to coincide. Wolf pursues Paasdemini across the Gleaming Sea in a vengeance-driven attempt to permanently destroy the corruptive demon.

December — Collected True-Life Adventures

I don’t have a title for this book yet, but it will collect all eight of the previously released mini-memoirs into one volume plus add material to make it worthwhile to those who have been buying the singles. More than an omnibus edition, this book will have a ton of extras to make it fun for those who have been following from the start.

As you can see, I’ve got plans to publish a minimum of 11 books next year. Most of them are short, which will make it easier, and I’ve been keeping pace with writing multiple books at once for the past six weeks or so, making me believe I can do it.

This schedule also allows me to publish a diversified catalog. There are six mini-memoirs plus the collected volume, two fantasies (the short story collection and the SatS sequel), two modern fairy tales, and a Wolf Dasher novel. Thus, I’ll be developing my backlist in each of my lines, so anyone who finds one thing they like from me should be able to get another book in the same style.

Finally, I’ll be churning out new product every four to six weeks, which will hopefully keep my sales momentum going. By the end of 2015, I should have a broad and deep backlist, I can use to promote my lines and new releases going into 2016.


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