Late November NaNoWriMo Update

As you know if you read this blog regularly, I’ve taken a slightly unusual approach to National Novel Writing Month. Rather than trying to pen a 50,000-word novel in 30 days, I am writing multiple books that are in various stages of completion through my five-draft process. Here’s an update on where I am.

naughty and nice Cover Lo-Res“Naughty & Nice: My True-Life Adventure with Santa Claus”

The second installment in my mini-memoir series, detailing my childhood obsession with catching Santa in our house on Christmas Eve, is finished and available for preorder. I’ve sent advance copies to reviewers to generate a good showing early to help push sales during December. (If you’d like to review it, leave a comment below, and I’ll set you up with an advance reader edition.) To have it automatically delivered to your Kindle on the first, place your preorder here. It’s only a buck!

“Domestic Disturbance: My True-Life Adventure in Sibling Rivalry”

The third book in the mini-memoir series is scheduled for January 5. I began the first draft this week and should have it done by Friday next. I’m going to have to put it in high gear to get this done on time, but given that these books are 10,000 to 15,000 words in length, I’m confident I can stay on schedule.

Little Red Riding Hoodie: A Modern Fairy Tale

This novel, which I’m developing for the Kindle Scout program, is near completion. I just got the edits on the third draft back yesterday, and I am hoping to make changes for a fourth draft today. The book is roughly 72,500 words. I didn’t make a lot of significant change notes in my read-through, but I haven’t seen what my editor said yet, so I don’t know how much work will be involved. Still, my goal is to have this one finished and submitted by the end of next week.

“An Unexpected Blessing”

The short story I wrote for Five59 Publishing’s Winter Tales has been submitted and, I believe, accepted. I’ll know for sure by Monday. Regardless, I managed to get that 2500-word piece finished and sent off while I was getting all this other material written.

The Secret Thief: A Modern Fairy Tale

This novella, which I pushed into February after deciding to move the memoirs up in the schedule, is the next project on my plate. I expect I won’t get to it until Monday, December 1, which will technically move it out of NaNoWriMo, but just because November ends, doesn’t mean my schedule won’t need to remain furious.

The best part of this whole experience has been demonstrating to myself that I can produce a lot of words in a short period of time. I used to have to write 4000 words a day when I was in the hobby games industry, and I’ve redeveloped that skill with this exercise. By writing like The Flash this past month, I’ve put myself in good position for consistent solid releases during the remainder of fourth and the entirety of first quarter — the two best periods for book sales.

How’s your NaNo going? Leave me a comment below and let me know!


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