NaNo Wrap Up

NaNoWriMo is officially over, and I am still alive, which is a vast improvement over last year at this time, when I was terribly sick with a vicious flu.

But I’m not satisfied with not making myself ill. After swearing I wasn’t going to do NaNo, I jumped in with both feet by trying to write three books at once, publish another, and start a fourth. So how’d I end up? Let’s take a look.

Secret Identity Cover Lo-res“Secret Identity: My True-Life Adventure as a Superhero”

I set a publication date of Monday, November 3 for my first mini-memoir. Most of the work on the book had been done already, so there wasn’t a lot I had to do.

Still, I had yet to publish a book this year that hadn’t been some sort of unnecessary adventure, and this was no exception. I published Sunday night to have the book approved and on sale by Monday morning. Amazon, which usually takes four to six hours to authorize a title for sale, took over eighteen this year. I finally had to call customer service and get them to look into it. “Secret Identity” made it out on time, but it wasn’t easy. You can get it here for only 99 cents.

Status: Done

naughty and nice Cover Lo-Res“Naughty & Nice: My True-Life Adventure with Santa Claus”

The second mini-memoir was scheduled for Monday, December 1. That one had a lot more writing to be done. I had just made it through the first draft by the time the month began. I wrote four drafts in two weeks and got an unproofed manuscript uploaded to Amazon for its prerelease program (the first time I had tried this) and had my final edit uploaded before the November 21 deadline. “Naughty & Nice” released yesterday in time for Christmas shopping. Get it here for 99 cents.

Status: Done

“An Unexpected Blessing”

Once again, after thinking I wasn’t going to, I attempted to write a short story for inclusion in Five59 Publishing’s Winter Tales. About a month before the November 21 deadline, I finally got an idea and started working on it.

At only 2500 words, the story developed quickly, and I sent it in well ahead of the submission date. “An Unexpected Blessing” was accepted, and the book hit shelves yesterday, meaning I actually published two pieces in one day. You can get Winter Tales here for $1.99.

Status: Done

Little Red Riding Hoodie: A Modern Fairy Tale

This book is really the reason NaNo had any significance for me at all. Writing two short pieces at once is no big deal. Writing two short pieces and a complete novel is.

Wanting to jump on the Kindle Scout Program as close to the beginning as possible, I pulled an old novel out of the figurative drawer and madly started rewriting it. The original manuscript was so different I was nearly creating something brand new from scratch. Some of the events of the original are still there, but the characters, sequence of events, plot, and to an extent, the setting all changed.

I had just about finished the first draft when NaNo began. I managed to write a draft a week and got the thing into final, submission shape by the end of last week. I really wanted to be able to submit by November 30, but a medical emergency and the holiday conspired to keep that from happening. I also was running out of gas by the end of the month. Working this many projects at once is something that can be done, but you can’t keep up that frenetic a pace forever. Particularly in the final week, my progress slowed.

Still, I got the whole book written, and Jill designed the cover. This week I’m working on the marketing materials, and I should be submitting by Friday.

Status: Nearly Done

“Domestic Disturbance: My True-Life Adventure in Sibling Rivalry”

This third installment in the mini-memoir series is slated for a January 5, 2015 release. That means I need to be writing it now!

I was hoping to finish the first draft before the end of the month. That would set me up to have it moving through the pipeline at the right pace, especially since Christmas will screw with my ability to get work done.

The exhaustion and other problems with the fourth week of November I mentioned above prevented me from doing that though. I have nearly completed the first draft today. I need to rewrite the intro (because I got stuck and abandoned it so I could keep moving on), and I haven’t figured out that perfect button ending just yet. But I’m on pace to have a second draft to my editor by the end of the week.

Status: Not Done

So looking it over, I’d call that a pretty successful NaNoWriMo. I tried to publish one book, write two more and get them published by December 1, write five drafts of a novel, and begin the first draft of a fifth book. I accomplished every single one of those things. I was hoping to be a little further along on the last two projects, but given that “Naughty & Nice” is 15,000 words, Little Red Riding Hoodie is 72,500, and “Domestic Disturbance” is currently 10,000, I’ll take it. This has been a very productive month, and if I keep my schedule for the remainder of 2014, I should be very well set up for next year.

Hope your NaNoWriMo was successful too and that you hit all your goals!


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