Schedule Shuffle

This past weekend was a little bigger than anticipated. I thought my birthday would be enough excitement. But on Friday night, less than an hour before midnight (they seem to keep strange hours), Amazon let me know they declined to publish Little Red Riding Hoodie: A Modern Fairy Tale.

LRRH Cover Lo-ResNaturally, I was pretty disappointed. We ran a really good campaign, staying hot 29 of the 30 days we were up and being one of only six hot books on the entire site for the last 36 hours.

But for reasons they have not elected to share with me, Amazon decided it wasn’t for them.

The good news is I haven’t really lost anything. I can still publish the book on my own, and I will. However, fitting LRRH into my publishing schedule requires shifting around my original plan for 2015. I spent Saturday playing with it until I had it in a shape I think works and that I can manage.

So in the wake of Amazon’s decision not to publish LRRH, here’s my new schedule for 2015:

February: Little Red Riding Hoodie: A Modern Fairy Tale

I’ve tentatively set the release date for this book for Monday, February 2. Pre-release and ARC information will be available later this week.

March: “Swing and a Miss: My True-Life Adventure in Baseball”

The fourth of my comical mini-memoirs will land about a week ahead of MLB opening day and detail my love-hate relationship with the game in my youth.

April: Short Story Collection

I’ve published several short stories both singly and in other anthologies since 2012. I’ll collect them here along with some new material.

May: “Rocketed to Earth: My True-Life Adventure as a Space Alien”

The fifth mini-memoir tells the story of my childhood obsession with Star Wars and the trouble it got me into.

June: Sequel to The Sword and the Sorcerer

This book was originally planned for August, so I hadn’t even come up with a title yet. To make a June publication date, I have to kick it into high gear this week! Fortunately, I’ve got the story sorted out in my head. Now I just have to plot it and get writing.

July: “Road Trip: My True-Life Adventure on Vacation”

Two boys in the back of a station wagon traveling the highways of America for hours and hours and hours. What could possibly go wrong? The sixth mini-memoir answers that question.

August: The Secret Thief: A Modern Fairy Tale

I feel bad for this book. It keeps getting pushed back. I had originally planned to publish it back in November but pushed it to February to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited and write the mini-memoirs. Now, with LRRH having to go in February, TST is moving again. I swear the story of a boy fighting a monster who steals his secrets and passes them on to whomever can do the most harm will get published this year!

September: “Teacher’s Pet: My True-Life Adventure in School”

This mini-memoir covers the giant pain in the butt I was at school . . . and how that made life harder for my brother.

October: “Inglorious Gridiron: My True-Life Adventure in Football”

The last of the mini-memoirs describes the way I was able to organize an entire football league in my backyard.

November: Twice in a Lifetime

Just in time for the release of the new James Bond film, Spectre, I’ll publish the fifth Wolf Dasher thriller.

December: True-Life Adventures Collection

Finally, I’ll collect all the mini-memoirs into a single volume along with one new adventure and some bonus material.

So there it is. A reconstituted publishing schedule. That’ll have me releasing a book a month and allow me to capitalize on all the hard work I’ve already done on Little Red Riding Hoodie. I hope you’ll join me!


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