Third Mini-Memoir, “Domestic Disturbance”, on Sale

This blog has been pretty focused on the Kindle Scout campaign for Little Red Riding Hoodie in the past few weeks. But in the midst of all that marketing I actually published another book.

“Domestic Disturbance: My True-Life Adventure in Sibling Rivalry” is available now. It’s my third comical mini-memoir about childhood in the 1970’s, and this time I explore the fierce battles my brother, David, and I fought to establish once and for all which of us was superior.

I tell the story of how he ran by my hall-monitor station just to provoke me, how we teamed up to dominate the whole neighborhood in baseball, and how we organized and ran an all-out war between our respective classes on the playground at school.

You can get it now for only 99 cents for Kindle. The companion books, “Secret Identity: My True-Life Adventure as a Superhero” and “Naughty & Nice: My True-Life Adventure with Santa Claus,” are also only a buck. You can get them all at the links below.

Remember: “Brotherly love” is a complicated phrase!

Click here to get “Domestic Disturbance” for 99 cents from

Click here to get “Secret Identity.”

Click here to get “Naughty & Nice.”


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