Double Dasher FREE Event!

I’m running a special this week. Through Thursday, you can get the first two Wolf Dasher novels, State of Grace and Red Dragon Five for free. If you’re not familiar with my fantasy-thriller adventure series, it features super-spy action like the James Bond films, with a traditional swords-and-sorcery setting featuring elves, magic, dragons, and intrigue.

Here’s more information:

State of Grace

STATE OF GRACE is Book 1, not Book 2 in the Wolf Dasher series.

When his friend and colleague is murdered in Alfar, magical land of elves, Wolf Dasher faces the toughest mission of his career. He must find out who did it and bring the killer to justice. The clues all point to Alfar’s ambassador – but he was out of the country when the crime occurred.

Undercover and out of his depth, Wolf soon finds himself caught in a deadly web of assassination, betrayal, and zealotry. Religious extremists, a mad general, and a megalomaniac with a messiah complex all wrestle for control of the elf nation’s destiny.

Pursued by a sadistic killer and blocked by politicians only interested in their own agendas, Wolf races against time to uncover a conspiracy that threatens to kill thousands of elves in a devastating act of terrorism, plunge Alfar into war, and alter the balance of power forever.

Click here to get it FREE!

Red Dragon Five

RD5 Cover Mk IIThe Red Dragon Project is the ultimate weapon — five women who can transform themselves into mighty dragons. Not only can they soar over armies and use their fiery breath to devastate opposing forces, they can sneak behind enemy lines before metamorphosing and catch enemies unaware. Now Urland has a scale-tipping advantage over rival Phrygia and even the means to fully stabilize allied-nation Alfar’s shaky coalition government.

But on its first test mission, the Red Dragon Project is sabotaged. Three Dragons are killed, one is severely injured, and, worst, one goes missing. Only Wolf Dasher of Her Majesty’s Shadow Service knows who is really behind the attack: The Sons of Frey, a sinister terrorist organization dedicated to overthrowing Alfar’s government in the name of religious purity.

Wolf’s out of favor, though. A blown mission and his love affair with Alfar’s Captain of the Elite Guard, May Honeyflower, have irked the conservative faction of the coalition government and made him a liability to his own people. Currently serving a month-long suspension, he’s in no position to pursue his suspicions.

There’s only one solution: a dangerous, unofficial mission that carries Wolf across the border into neighboring Jifan, a nation of elves that hates humans like Wolf and seeks to conquer Alfar, uniting both countries under a strict fundamentalist theocracy. He’ll have to go alone, and, if anything goes wrong, no one will come to help.

May isn’t about to abandon her love, though. When Wolf disappears and is presumed dead, she resolves to go after him, leaving her post and recruiting imprisoned radicals to help her.

Now, Wolf and May find themselves in a race against time. Wolf must track down the missing Red Dragon before the Jifani-sponsored Sons of Frey unleash an apocalypse on Alfar. May must locate Wolf before the Sons of Frey discover him. If either of them fails, Alfar is doomed.

Click here to get it FREE!

Learn more about the Wolf Dasher series here.


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