The Best Laid Plans . . .

It was going to be glorious.

The school district had plotted a four-day weekend. The kids were off on Friday for conferences and again on Monday for President’s Day.

So the kids were all flying back to Kansas to visit their other parents. The Wife and I had the house all to ourselves. Valentine’s Day was Saturday.

I had a whole weekend planned. We had some shopping we wanted to do. We wanted to visit Book Loft, the gargantuan independent bookstore in Columbus. There is a famous burger joint we wanted to try. We wanted to explore some of the pubs in town we hadn’t tried yet, and we had Christmas money left to blow on a weekend of kid-free entertainment.

But all three sniffling children handed me a cold before they left town. I woke up Friday morning completely congested and feeling lightheaded. Not only did that sour my mood, it made it hard to do anything.

But I loaded up on cold meds and gamely went out, trying to shop. It was hard to concentrate. I couldn’t make decisions on anything we looked at. We were supposed to go out to dinner that night, but by the time we made it back from our shopping excursion, we’d hit less than half the places we intended, and I didn’t feel like getting dressed up to go to nice restaurant.

We grabbed a quick bite at a pub we’d been meaning try and went home. I was in bed by 10. On a Friday night. Lame.

And I slept until past noon on Saturday. Fourteen hours of sleep did my head a world of good, but it was snowing when I woke up. We were undeterred until both the snow and the wind intensified to create near-whiteout conditions.

So much for going to bookstores and burger joints.

We braved the weather to get to the grocery store, so we would have food, and I made a modest meal (not the steak I had been planning to grill) that the kids don’t like, so it at least felt special. We watched a couple of romantic movies on Netflix.

The next day we went out and did some of the shopping we had intended to do Friday, but that prevented us from doing the pub crawl we had planned. The weather permitted me to grill those steaks (although it was freezing outside tending them), and we had our Valentine’s meal on the 15th, then watched a couple more movies.

The next day, the kids came home.

We had a multitude of adventures planned that never came to fruition. It was frustrating, because we’d both been looking forward to it for a month.

Best laid plans and all that. As usual, fate and circumstance got together to mess with us.

But it was quiet. We didn’t have to referee any fights. No one rolled their eyes at us, implied we didn’t know anything about cool, or complained about what was served for dinner. We took two days off work. We did our best to relax.

So it was good, even if it wasn’t the high adventure we’d planned.

And Spring Break is only two months away.


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