“Swing and a Miss” On Sale!

I’m pleased to announce my fourth mini-memoir, “Swing and a Miss: My True-Life Adventure in Baseball” is now available for sale at Amazon.com (get it here).

Swing and a Miss Cover lo-resOnce again, I’m traveling back in time to the 1970’s — when The Big Red Machine was winning World Series, when my father taught my brother Dave and I the religion of baseball, and when dreams of hitting an heroic ninth-inning, walk-off homerun were easy to believe could happen.

Unfortunately, what I would learn over a six-year career in youth baseball, is that America’s pastime is a sinister game that tricks you into thinking it’s easy. I spent my formative years battling the game — loving it with all my heart while enduring disappointment after disappointment on the ball diamond.

Like the other mini-memoirs, this one is satirical. I examine being afraid of the ball, struggling to hit a pitch, and dying for my chance to win a big game for my team the way Carlton Fisk did in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series.

This book is love letter — both to baseball and to my father and his tutelage. Of the four of these, “Swing and a Miss” is easily the most sentimental.

Like the others, it’s only 99 cents, so you can get a child’s-eye view of 1970’s baseball for only a buck! Click on the link below to get it for your Kindle-enabled device.

Click here to purchase “Swing and a Miss: My True-Life Adventure in Baseball” from Amazon.com.


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