I’m very pleased to announce I have a new book available. Magic & Monsters is a collection of five short stories from various points in my publishing career, including a brand-new piece written just for this volume.

M&M Cover lo-resAs the title suggests, the theme of the book is the monsters that walk among us. Sometimes, they are traditional creatures of the night, such as the vampire that haunts the protagonist of “Closet Fears.”

But more often, the real monster in the story is a person, and it isn’t always obvious at the outset of these tales whom the real fiend is.

Two of them are set in contemporary America, the other three in fantasy kingdoms. But they all feature a character who must use magic to confront an insidious beast.

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Here’s the blurb:

Evil wears many faces. . . .
A man’s wife returns from the dead to take revenge on him for betraying her.

A princess makes a disturbing decision when she turns her suitor into a frog and then can’t undo it.

A witch fights oppression from a bigoted king.

Her grandmother’s heirloom may prove the perfect solution to a distraught wife with a cheating husband.

A kung fu warrior faces the vile princess who stole her love.

Five short tales of betrayal, revenge, and sorcery fill this collection from John R. Phythyon, Jr. Each features magic and a monster whose identity isn’t always clear at the beginning of the story. Each poses questions about what is right and what is justified.

Fantasy and horror merge in this cross-genre collection in which Phythyon explores the monsters walking among us and the magic we use to confront them.

Includes the Origins Award-nominated story, “Xing Qing Pao’s Lament.”

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