“Gridiron Glory” Available; “Secret Identity” Free

OMG, I’ve been insanely busy. I’ve taken on directing a play in addition to my various occupations, and all my blogging time has vanished in a puff of stress. I’m going to try to fix that this week.

gridiron glory cover low resFirst off, my latest mini-memoir is officially for sale. “Gridiron Glory: My True-Life Adventure with the Dallas Cowboys” tells the story of how the NFL came to my backyard and how I directed America’s Team to Super Bowl XIII in 1978 . . . at the age of 10. It’s another comical look back at a kid who saw no reason not to attempt every insane scheme that came into his overly imaginative brain.

“Gridiron Glory” is the last in this series of memoirs that focuses on my pre-adolescent childhood. I’m plotting a second series about my adventures in junior high and high school for some time in the future.

In the interim, to celebrate releasing the last installment in this series, I’ve made the first one, “Secret Identity: My True-Life Adventure as a Superhero,” free this week. Eight-year-olds dream of becoming superheroes, but I actually donned the mask and cape and snuck out of the house at night to fight crime.

You can get both books at Amazon.com (along with the other entries in the series). Click on the links below. (And there’ll be more, non-promotional content soon. I promise!)

Click here to purchase “Gridiron Glory” for only 99 cents.
Click here to download “Secret Identity” for free.


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