Trapped: Navigating Another Writing Obstacle

I’ve begun the next draft of The Armageddon Clock. That’s a good thing.

However, I was really hoping to finish it today, and there’s no way that is going to happen.

Often, a rewrite is a simple process. After I’ve gone through the manuscript and made notes, rewriting is just a matter of going through the book chapter by chapter and making those individual changes.

Like everything else with this novel, it hasn’t been that easy.

Without giving anything way, Wolf gets into trouble in the very first chapter. He’s caught breaking into an enemy facility, and he fights one of the principal characters of the novel before escaping.

In earlier drafts, I strongly hinted that this was a trap, baited with juicy intel to attempt to capture Wolf. But after this opening chapter and despite Wolf working (unbeknownst to him) with his assailant for most of the rest of the book, the concept that this opening sequence was a trap is never mentioned again.

That doesn’t make any logical sense. If they were trying to capture Wolf at the beginning of the novel, wouldn’t that have some bearing on how he was treated/viewed through the rest of the book? And what happens when he finds out?

In my edit, I had decided to explicitly make the opening sequence a trap. But as I started the rewrite, it occurred to me that this would change how Wolf was perceived by the other characters.

So I can’t just go through, looking at my notes and making changes. I have to reread certain chapters to make sure there aren’t sections needing a rewrite that I hadn’t previously noted.

And that takes time.

The great irony of this book is that it’s about a countdown to Doomsday, but it’s taking me forever to get it done. It’s already taken at least four times longer than I anticipated, and my editor hasn’t even seen it yet.

Still, I’ll be working on it today. I expect to make significant progress.

I just thought I’d be done by now.


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