Memoirs on Special

Baseball is back, and I’m celebrating with my own remembrances of the devilish game that haunted my childhood.

Swing and a Miss Cover lo-res“Swing and a Miss: My True-Life Adventure in Baseball” is free from through Thursday. In it, I recall struggling with Fear of the Ball, trying to hit that stupid eight-inch sphere where someone wasn’t standing, and the dreaded Stepping in the Bucket. I also reminisce about being taught ardent love for Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine.

Click here to get it for the amazing price of nothing!

I’m also running a sale on my collected memoir, Legend in my own Mind. It tells the story of my fierce sibling rivalry with my brother David, how we conspired to catch Santa Claus in our living room on Christmas Eve, how we once chased a runaway dog through the principal’s house, and how we made our parents want to kill us on long road trips.

And there was how I was convinced I was a space prince hiding 0ut on Earth from a galactic rebellion.

It’s a series of misadventures of two boys in the 1970’s, struggling to understand why the world wasn’t as exciting as Saturday morning cartoons depicted.

Get it here for only 99 cents.



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