Exhibiting in SPACE

For the first time in eight years, I’ll be exhibiting at a consumer show. For the first time in twelve years, I’ll be selling my own material.

I’m kind of excited.

This weekend, I’ll have a booth at SPACE (Small Press Alternate Comic Expo) in Columbus, Ohio.

This used to be a regular thing for me. When I was publishing hobby games, I did tw0 to four consumer shows a year, plus a trade show aimed at retailers. But, despite this being my fifth year as an independent author, this is the first show I’ll be attending.

Partly, it’s been a question of it being worth it. I’ve only recently put together a diversified enough print inventory that I felt I could put enough wares on the table. If I’d shown up with only one or two books, it wouldn’t have made much of an impression, and I’d have struggled to make back the price of the booth.

This weekend, I’ll have the two novels in “The Usurpers Saga,” three Modern Fairy Tales, and my short story collection, Magic & Monsters. I’ll have some package deals to encourage multiple purchases.

I won’t be featuring the Wolf Dasher books this weekend, because I’m the middle of a cover redux, and I don’t have consistent branding for them. Which is unfortunate, because that’s another five novels I could have put on the table. But I will be using them as a carrot to drive mailing list signup. You already get a free copy of Red Dragon Five with a mailing list subscription, but I’ll offer the whole line (including the forthcoming The Armageddon Clock) to the winner of a drawing.

In fact, I’ll offer the same deal here. Send me an email at john at john phythyon dot com before midnight on Sunday, saying you’d like to be subscribed, and I’ll add you and enter you in a drawing for the full line of Dasher eBooks.

I’ll also be live-tweeting the show as I’m able (follow me at @JohnRPhythyonJr) and posting updates to my Facebook page. And I’ll post a wrap up here next week. Stay tuned!


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