Back at It Again

I’m at it again.

This week, I began a new novel. The Armageddon Clock is currently with the editor, and I like to stack projects so I’m not wasting productive time.

So with my creative plate momentarily clear, I’ve begun writing the third book in The Usurpers Saga.

Zod the Fearless (Calibot’s uncle from The Sword and the Sorcerer) receives a proposition from Lord Kremdor (the puppet master, who aided Lord Vicia’s rise to power in A Contest of Succession). He’ll help Zod steal the throne of Sothernia in exchange for Zod agreeing to align himself with Kremdor. Depressed and dissatisfied with life after his brother’s betrayal, Zod agrees.

The plan involves a quest across the ocean to the Dread Islands to retrieve a powerful artifact capable of summoning and controlling the legendary sea monster, the Kraken. Zod receives assistance from Kremdor’s agent, a changeling named T’Lenn Dartha, and from a thief he rescues from execution.

Getting started is harder than it sounds, though. I was exhausted from all the work I put in last week for SPACE, and I’ve had a lot of follow-up tasks that have been consuming my attention since the show ended.

But I managed to knock out 500 words on Monday and another 500 on Tuesday. I’ve got the first chapter pretty well sorted out. Time to move onto the next.

This is the same thing that happens every time. The start is slow. I have to get my mind framed for the story. After I’ve forced myself to sit down and write the first few chapters, the floodgates open. The story starts to consume me, and it becomes easy. It’ll flow out of my fingers faster than I can follow.

But for the moment, I’m in the start/stop/force-myself-to-do-it phase.

That’s okay. I’ll get past that. It’s nice to be writing again.



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