Show Me Your Socks

The Internet is home to pretty much everything — cute cat videos, conspiracy theories (complete with . . . “evidence”), and, uh, fetishes.

I’ve become interested in something a little more innocent — socks.

As I wrote in this space a few weeks ago, I’ve become kind of sock-obsessed. I don’t really know how it began, but it’s a thing for me now.

So much so that I’ve decided the Internet is the perfect place for it. Tuesday, I started tweeting pictures of my socks for the days. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but it’s a lot more innocuous than a lot of stuff I’ve seen tweeted.

And the thing about the Internet in general and social media in particular is they allow you to have others join in the fun of obsessing over something relatively inconsequential.  So I’m inviting others to the party.

Tweet your socks at me. Take a picture of your feet in your socks. (Please, just sock-wearing feet, especially if socks are all you have on.) Tweet it at @JohnRPhythyonJr and use the hashtag, #ShowMeYourSocks.

In addition to tweeting my own socks, I’ll retweet the ones I think look pretty cool.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I suppose it’ll depend on what develops and whether I create an Internet socks following. Perhaps this will be the last you ever read of it.

But for the time being, show me your socks. Let’s see who’s got the funkiest, spiffiest, most outlandish socks on the web.

It’s time for socks to get the attention they deserve.


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