Got The Armageddon Clock (Wolf Dasher, Book 6) back from my editor yesterday afternoon. I haven’t looked at it yet, but I’m sure it’s covered in red ink. That’s how these things go.

I’m pretty excited, though. This is the deepest edit the book gets (after my own revisions from first draft to second). By the time I’m done going through it and making changes, it’ll be close to publishable shape.

The Armageddon Clock has 50 chapters, and I can usually go through 10 chapters a day. So it should take about a week’s worth of work to mold it into near-final shape. Then I’ll be sending it off to my beta readers for their evaluations.

Speaking of which, I still need plenty of beta/ARC readers. Want to read The Armageddon Clock BEFORE it’s released? Drop me an email at john at johnphythyon dot com and tell me you want to be on the team. I’ll add you to the list and send you a copy of the book as soon as it’s ready.

I’m really excited. It won’t be long now!


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